The Mclean Piano Journey Studio

Mclean Studio provides more than just training for piano students. Through the use of compact disc recordings, students have the chance to hear themselves performing pieces they have learned. Enrich your home with the sounds of music created by your children!

Lessons, Music, and CDs
Mclean Studio offers compact disc recordings for sale. Discs feature music from some famous classical composers and musicians, including original works by the composer/teacher, Maria Mclean. To purchase any of the listed recordings, contact us. The cost is $14.95 plus $4.95 for shipping and handling.

“Christmas Visions”
A Collection of 18 Christmas Melodies to Celebrate the Season.
“Classical Styles”
Selections from Scriabin, Prokofiev, Bartok, Chopin, and Burgmuller.
A Collection of 24 Masterful Original Compositions for Piano and Orchestra, Composed, Performed, and Produced by the Artist, Maria Mclean.
“Mirrors Of Tranquility”
A Collection of 11 Hypnotically Tranquil New Age Piano and Orchestra Pieces, Composed, Performed, and Produced by Maria Mclean.
Classical Repertoire of Grieg, Mozart, Bach, and Prokofiev
“Music Of Life”
A Collection of 13 Original Melodies to Reflect Life’s Moods
“Beyond Soul Dreams”
A Collection of 11 New Age Piano and Orchestral Pieces, Composed, Performed, and Produced by Maria Mclean.
Repertoire of Grieg, Schumann, Mozart, Bartok, and Debussy as well as Original Selections by Maria Mclean


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To listen to “Beyond My Soul Dream” Soundtrack, composed, arranged and performed by Maria Mclean, go to