The Mclean Piano Journey Studio

Cultivate your child’s musical talent with training and piano lessons from The Mclean Piano Journey Studio of Keller, Texas, only minutes from Southlake. Specializing in piano instruction for beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels of piano students, we seek excellence in learning. The studio provides consistent motivation by offering competitive performances, CD recordings, master classes, recitals, computer theory games, and gentle guidance, reinforced with lots of positive reinforcement. With private piano lessons, your child will learn to master the techniques that define the makings of an accomplished musician. The Mclean Piano Journey Studio is the first step for all students who wish to become successful musical artists while having fun at the same time.

Affordable Piano Lessons
At Mclean Piano Journey Studio, tuition and fees cover:
  • Private Piano Lesson: 30 or 45 minutes
  • Computer Theory following each lesson: 20-30 minutes
  • Recording of 3 piano CDs per year recording your child’s accomplishments
  • Monthly group classes
  • Participation in local and state music competitions.
Instruction from a Professional Musician
Maria Mclean is a degreed and certified teacher with more than 20 years of experience. Maria was fortunate enough to have studied with the acclaimed concert pianist, Louis Galanffy, to whom she credits her great love of the piano. Maria established Mclean Piano Journey Studio with the hope of providing children the opportunity to learn to play the piano in an environment filled with enthusiasm and fun.

Look Below to See Some of Our Reviews!!

“My son and daughter both just turned 7 and they have been with Ms. Maria for about 8 months. They love Ms. Maria so much!  She is such a wonderful teacher. I am so glad we found her. We plan to stay with her as long as we can.”- Alice C. Keller, TX

“We have three children taking lessons with Miss Maria. We have had several other piano teachers due to moving and other reasons and Maria is by far the favorite! Our children have had teachers that made them dread playing piano and were so afraid of their teachers, they cried at almost every lesson! Miss Maria is firm but kind (velvet over steel!), she has high standards and cares that her students do well. She is the only piano teacher my children have had who makes lessons so much fun; she has great incentives (prizes and monthly piano parties!) for them to play, practice and want to learn more. My children love to play piano at home now, they used to dread practice and lessons (for years!) Now they learn pieces they enjoy playing and are constantly  challenged to play more difficult pieces as they progress.  Her students are encouraged to play often in front of an audience so they will be able to perform well when needed. She also helps them to be involved in the music community through festivals and different competitions, national and state tests and auditions.  I am grateful that we found her and I can see my children playing/enjoying the piano their entire lives :0)- A.M. Southlake, TX”

“We love love Miss Maria.  She is wonderful.  She is kind and so sweet to my daughter.  My daughter  loves to go to her lessons.  She does a lot more for her than teach piano.  She teaches her to be kind and lady like as well.  She has a gentle strong hand with her that I love to see.- Patty C. Keller, TX”

“We found Ms McLean on the web site for piano teachers in Keller, Texas.  We met with several teachers and chose Ms.McLean!  My daughter was 11 when she started and has now taken 11 months. My daughter loves taking lessons from her and feels challenged and nurtured!  Ms. McLean is a no nonsense teacher that truly cares about her students.  Her standards are fair and challenge the students!  I would recommend anyone who is serious about learning to speak with her. She is awesome!”- Kimberly R. Keller, TX”